Gopher Tortoise Services, Inc.




Gopher Tortoise Services, Inc.
provides Consultants, Developers, Land Managers and Individuals of sites affected by the presence of the gopher tortoise with cost effective solutions, that minimize impacts on development projects while maximizing the conservation and long term survival needs of the gopher tortoise and burrow commensals.

Complete Gopher Tortoise Agent Services are available Statewide.


Since 2007 the FWC has been in the process of phasing in the new gopher tortoise guidelines, the final implementation phase became effective April, 22 2009 and significantly changed the way gopher tortoises and gopher tortoise burrows are addressed on development projects. For your convenience I am listing several of the changes that may affect you¡¯re budget and scheduling.

  1. Only FWC permitted Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents are able to perform tasks related to gopher tortoise relocations.
  2. Only Agents will be able to secure a gopher tortoise relocation permit. (permit application review normally takes about 45 days however the FWC has 90 days to respond to applications).
    • Exception: A special small site permit is available to homeowners wishing to perform gopher tortoise relocations on their property under the following conditions.
  1. The site may not have more than 10 burrows. (5 tortoises)

  2. A training course must be completed with a passing score.

  3. Suitable on-site habitat must remain as defined in the gopher tortoise guidelines

  4. Protective barrier fencing must be installed per the guidelines.

  5. Bucket trapping for not less than 28 consecutive days is the only available option to non agents.

  6. Gopher Tortoise Agents may be permitted in any one or more of the following activities based on their experience
  • Gopher tortoise surveys

  • Hand shovel excavation

  • Bucket trapping

  • Live trapping

  • Backhoe burrow excavation

  • Marking and transporting

  • Modified pulling hook

  • Collecting blood samples.

  1. All gopher tortoise permits will have a mitigation fee that must be paid to the FWC with application. The fees are  separate from any fees charged by gopher tortoise agents or recipient site managers.



"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."    ~John Muir

click here  Gopher Tortoise Management Plan & Permit Guidelines  click here

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